Surrender Your Pet

Thinking of

surrendering your cat?

We know that sometimes life happens and people find themselves unable to properly care for their cat. Our greatest fear is that someone will feel so desperate that they consider giving or selling their cat to a stranger.  Without the required references and home checks performed by rescue groups, cats run the risk of being placed into unhealthy and abusive homes. We want to ensure your loved one gets the home they deserve.

Before you make the decision to surrender, give away, or sell your cat, we may be able to help you find solutions that will allow you to keep your cat as a member of the family. While we can't guarantee miracles, we do have extensive experience dealing with a multitude of issues and can certainly offer suggestions and alternatives to giving up your cat.
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Criteria to surrender your cat to Astoria Cat Rescue.

We understand that sometimes despite best efforts it is necessary to surrender your cat. In this case, we feel the best solution is for Astoria Cat Rescue to take the cat and find them a new, loving home.

Based on urgency and foster home space availability, Astoria Cat Rescue does take in cats surrendered by their owners. Please understand that because we have very limited resources, it's necessary for us to prioritize the cats we take into rescue. Shelter cats in danger of being euthanized are given first and top priority. Next are cats in need of immediate health care that their owners cannot provide. Then, owner surrenders are considered. Please be patient with us and we will do our best to work with you to ensure the safety and well-being of your cat.

Surrendering your pet to Astoria Cat Rescue is a permanent decision.

Astoria Cat Rescue knows that surrendering your cat is a very difficult decision, but sometimes - it is the only one to make. If you choose to surrender your cat, you'll be asked to complete a surrender contract. Your signature on this contract represents a permanent decision on your part. This legally binding contract gives full ownership of the cat to Astoria Cat Rescue. This allows us to provide veterinary care and down the road, legally adopt out the cat to a carefully pre-screened 'forever' home. Please note: We consider adoptions through our organization to be closed, meaning that we do not reveal the identities of either the surrendering or adopting parties. This ensures your privacy, as well as the privacy of the adopter, will be protected.

Steps to

surrender your cat

1. Apply

Complete the Surrender Form.

2. Review

Our Team will review your application to determine if we have an open foster available and whether or not your cat is a fit for our rescue.

3. Our Decision

We will contact you to let know our decision.

Upon review, we will

Make arrangements to get the animal

If it has been determined that your animal is a good fit for our organization, we will contact you to make arrangements to get the animal


Provide you with alternative resources

If your animal is not a good fit or if we do not have room at this time, we will provide you with alternative resources.

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