About Us

Our Mission

Turn Tough Starts Into Happy Endings!

Here at Astoria Cat Rescue, we're all about giving street cats a fighting chance. Our neighborhood has many cats without homes—some born in the alleys and others left behind to fend for themselves. 

Rain or shine, we fill the bellies of over 150 cats across 15 colonies every night, and that’s just the beginning. 

Our big goal? 

To try to help and heal every one of these cats, making sure they don't just survive but get a chance to thrive. We also create shelters for our outdoor cats, providing a safe haven from the harsh elements. We trap, neuter, and return them healthier, stopping the cycle of more kittens on the streets. When we find kitties needing extra care or a chance at family life, we nurse them, love them, and find homes where they'll be cherished forever. 

Because we are staffed by volunteers with full-time jobs during the day, we can't be everywhere at all times and answer all the texts and calls that come in. We ask our supporters for patience and understanding. We attend to cat needs in the Astoria neighborhood to the best of our abilities and resources.

At Astoria Cat Rescue, it's not just about rescue; it's about turning tough starts into happy endings with a whole lot of love in between.


Caring For Cats

Saving Legacy!

In 2008, two selfless women, Joyce and Lee, along with Charlotte, Joyce's daughter, embarked on a mission to care for the stray cats in Astoria. With their carts full of food, they tirelessly fed the colonies, driven by their love and dedication to animal welfare. Lee's remarkable commitment to animal rescue is evident in her remarkable feat of pushing her cat one mile a day to feed her colony, a practice she continued until the age of 95!
As the number of cats in need grew, they realized they needed help. Despite their limited resources, they founded Astoria Cat Rescue as a non-profit in 2014, hoping to receive vital support from the community. And it worked! More volunteers joined, and the organization flourished, caring for 15 colonies and even securing a contract to care for the Queensbridge projects.
Tragedy struck in 2023 when Joyce and Lee passed away, taking their pensions and financial support with them. Now, Charlotte and Astoria Cat Rescue face their toughest challenge yet - fighting not only for the survival of the street cats but also for the survival of the organization itself.
Their legacy lives on through the countless lives saved, but urgent help is needed to ensure their dream of a safer, kinder world for stray cats continues. Will you join the fight to preserve their legacy and make a difference in the lives of these precious animals?
What we do?

Rescuing Cats, Restoring Hope

We're all about helping street cats in need!

  • We feed over 150 furry friends every night, making sure they don't go hungry.
  • We provide cozy shelters for outdoor cats, protecting them from the elements.
  • We trap, neuter, and return cats to stop the cycle of homelessness (and prevent more kittens on the streets!)
  • We nurse and care for kitties who need extra love and attention.
  • We find forever homes for cats who deserve a second chance at happiness.

We're passionate about giving street cats a fighting chance, and we're doing our best to make a difference in our community!



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