I'm staying with the rescue furever!

Grizlik Rudolf

Meet Grizlik Rudolf, a testament to resilience and transformation. Once a desperate, voiceless kitten, Rudolf's early days were a battle for survival. After a life-saving surgery removed a threatening tumor, he made a remarkable 380-degree turnaround. Today, Rudolf is a model of health and hygiene, cherishing his grooming sessions and nurturing relationships with younger cats. Though initially mistaken for a tiny, rat-like creature, he has blossomed into a friendly and affectionate feline. As a resident cat, Grizlik Rudolf is not available for adoption, but his inspiring journey continues to touch hearts and remind us of the power of resilience and love.

  • Russian Blue & Russian Blue
  • Male
  • Youth (13 - 60 Months)My DoB is 02/02/2020 (Estimated)
  • 15 Pounds
  • New York
  • Gray / Blue / Silver & Gray / Blue / Silver
  • Keeps To Self | Can Be Timid
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
  • I'm Litterbox Trained

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