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We gladly accept purchases from our Amazon and Chewy Wishlists. You can see some of our needs by clicking on the image below.

Amazon Wishlist
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Additional Needed


In addition to wishlist purchases from Amazon and Chewy, we also need the following essential items to support our efforts in helping cats in need.

  • Cat Cameras: Help us keep a watchful eye on our shelters and ensure the safety of our cats.
  • GoPro Cameras: Assist us in documenting our feeding routes and exposing any harassment we may face.
  • Cat Shelters: Provide a warm and cozy home for our cats, protecting them from harsh elements.
  • Cat Trees: Give our cats a taste of the outdoors, even when they're indoors.
  • Cat Toys: Keep our cats entertained and engaged, reducing stress and boredom.
  • Cat Beds: Ensure our cats have a comfortable place to rest and recharge.

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