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If You've Found a Cat in Need ...

We're Here to Help!

If you've found a cat or kittens in your yard or neighborhood, please know that Astoria Cat Rescue is here to support you. However, it's essential to understand that we are not a shelter and cannot intake cats. Our team will do our best to provide guidance and resources to help you assist the cat in need.

It's up to us to help abandoned cats in our community! If you've found a cat in need, it's your chance to make a difference. Don't turn a blind eye - reach out to Astoria Cat Rescue and let's work together to provide the necessary care and find a forever home. Every cat deserves love and care - take responsibility and act now!
What To Do

If You Encounter a Cat That Needs Help

If you've found a cat or kitten in distress, it's essential to act with compassion and care. Before taking action, consider the best course of action to ensure the cat's safety and well-being. The following steps will guide you in providing the necessary help and potentially finding a new home for the cat.

  • Leave kittens alone unless you're sure they're orphaned: If you find kittens in your yard, it's likely their mother is nearby or out searching for food. Removing them can decrease their chances of survival
  • Contact local shelters and organizations:
    • In Astoria, Queens: contact the Astoria Animal Shelter, Bobbi and the Strays, or the Humane Society of New York.
    • In surrounding areas: reach out to Animal Care and Control in Manhattan, cat cafes on Long Island, North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, or Animal Haven in Lower Manhattan for assistance
  • Post on Nextdoor Astoria: Share information and photos of the cat to spread the word and potentially find help or a new home
  • Consider posting on our adoption page: If you're unable to care for the cat, we may be able to feature it on our adoption page, but please note that we cannot absorb additional financial costs
  • Schedule a vet visit with our partner veterinarian: If you're able to cover the veterinary costs, we can schedule an appointment with our partner vet to help with the cat's checkup and any necessary treatments that the cat might need.
  • Get a case number from Animal Care and Control: If you must take the cat to a shelter, get a case number to ensure it's not at risk of euthanasia

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