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Why Foster?

Unfortunately there are just not enough homes for the number of cats born each year. To make matters worse, during kitten season the number of adult cats that get adopted drops significantly because most people choose to adopt a cute little kitten instead. When you choose to open up your home to a rescued kitten or friendly stray, by becoming a foster parent, you are literally saving that cat’s life. ACR is not a facility, we are a network of fosters, and without our next foster, we cannot rescue our next kitty.

Why Adopt?

Cats are good for you! Psychological reports suggest that cats have shown to have positive effects on your ability to cope with stress, anxiety, depression or loneliness. If you live in an apartment, a cat can be an excellent companion because cats don’t require lots of room. Cats can be low maintenance and if you supply them with toys, and a cat tree by a sunny window, they can make wonderful roommates. Too often, shelters euthanize due to room constraints, but if more people adopted, the number of cats euthanized would lower dramatically.

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Cat adoption is a wonderful way to make amends to these wonderful
kitties for the trauma and suffering they experienced during their time
on the street feeling hungry, scared and unwanted.

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